Academies of Williamson High School

To compete in this global society the Mobile County Public School System (MCPSS) has implemented Signature Academies into all high schools. The Signature Academy program is unique at only one high school. These academies will offer MCPSS students the opportunity to engage in real-world experiences, rigorous academic content, career exploration, Internships, job shadowing, and mentorship with Business Partners.

This year Williamson High School is officially implementing Signature Academies. Williamson High School’s Signature Academy theme is Maritime, Engineering and Entrepreneurship (MEE). Through these academies, students will receive hands-on training inside and outside the classroom along with guest speakers, internships, externships, and field trips related to the student’s area of focus. After successful completion of their coursework, technical training, and senior project, students who successfully pass their comprehensive exam for his or her pathway will receive credentialing or a certificate in their program. Students may also gain college credit at Williamson through dual enrollment with Bishop State Community College.

However, this process would not be complete without the help of our Signature Business Academy Partners, Austal, PNC Bank, Alabama Power and University of South Alabama, Small Business Development Center. We are excited and proud to have them on board as our partners. As a school we strive to approach new and innovative teaching strategies that foster creativity, collaboration, and learning for our students. As we do this we will graduate students who are college and career ready.

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For more information Contact:

Monique Ray, SignatureAcademy Specialist

Telephone (251)221-3411Ext. 80037 





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