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Welcome to Williamson SECME!

SECME Partner Universities
SECME Partner Universities

This after-school club helps students interested in science, math, or engineering to conduct approved experiments / investigations in the science lab and computer lab.  Activities and competitions include: Hot Air Balloon Construction, Building a Mousetrap Car, Designing and Building a Catapult, Internet Science & Technology Fair, Robotics Competitions.

Rising Juniors and Senior Students are strongly encouraged to sign up to explore options and participate in after-school activities.

Scholarship opportunities are available to most students who attend meetings and mini-challenges on a regular basis.  You must sign-up and participate in such competitions in order for your name to be added to the national SECME database of student members.

Scholarships are reserved at our partner universities for SECME patrons.  Many such scholarships lay unclaimed due to lack of interest or lack of persistence. When seeking admission to a partner university (some are HBC), you (the student) must write into an appropriate blank that you are a SECME student participant; still other schools respond to only verbal inquiries of SECME scholarships or opportunities.

See Ms. Miles or Ms. Morgan to sign-up for SECME or to get helpful information and internet links for investigating your pursuit of a SECME college scholarship.

Check out Ms. Miles' Portaportal Page for Helpful Science Links:

Also try the Science with SMILES Wikispace Page:

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