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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Here are answers to questions parents and students may have about the new Williamson High School:



Q: What grades will be served at the new Williamson High School?

A: Williamson High School and Mae Eanes Middle School have merged to form a new, academically stronger Williamson High School. The school will be named Williamson High School and will remain the home of the mighty Lions. Students in grades 9-12 will attend classes in a separate wing from students in grades 6-8, who will be part of the Middle Grades Preparatory Academy.



Q: Why did the schools combine?

A: To strengthen the academic offerings at both schools and to provide more opportunities for our students. Both schools have suffered from declining enrollment over the past decade, resulting in a loss of teaching units and course offerings. By combining, teachers will be able to serve students in different grade levels in core academic subjects, and more electives will be offered. For example, Mae Eanes had lost its band program, but now students in the Middle Grades Preparatory Academy will be able to take band, and select eighth-graders will be tapped to march in Williamson High School’s band.



Q: Will the middle school students be separated from the high school students?

A: Yes. The schools will have separate entrances and different take-in times and dismissals. Students will eat breakfast and lunch on different schedules so they are not in the cafeteria at the same time. And students in grades 6-8 and 9-12 will not have physical education or other classes together.



Q: When is the first day of school?

A: Wednesday, August 10.



Q: What time will school start?

A: Students in the Middle Grades Preparatory Academy will begin their day at 7:30 a.m. and students in grades 9-12 will begin their day at 8 a.m.



Q: What are the uniform requirements?

A: Students in grades 9-12 have the same uniform requirements as last year, which are black pants and white polo shirts. Students in grades 6-8 will wear khaki pants and gold polo shirts. More detailed information, including shoe and belt requirements, is available HERE



Q: What types of classes and extra-curricular activities will be offered?

A: Besides the core courses – English, math, science and social studies – students will have access to more elective courses. The school will add art and music classes as well as career and technical education classes. Williamson will remain home of the Signature Academy of Maritime, Engineering and Entrepreneurship, which partners with businesses including Austal, Alabama Power and PNC Bank to provide unique courses preparing students for careers ranging from welding to engineering, banking to entrepreneurship. Williamson has a strong Culinary Arts program that will be strengthened through the merger and will add a farm-to-table program. Students in all grades will be able to participate in extracurricular activities and sports, including football, basketball, baseball, track and volleyball, as well as band.



Q: What is a farm-to-table program?

A: The Mobile County Extension Service and Mobile County Master Gardeners have partnered with Williamson High School and the Middle Grades Preparatory Academy to establish a new outdoor classroom on the campus. With a greenhouse and raised planting beds, students will grow fruits, vegetables and herbs and establish a community garden. Students will share what they plant with the school’s Culinary Arts program, with local restaurants and Maysville residents. This is modeled after a successful program in Birmingham called the Jones Valley Teaching Farm.



Q: When will I get to see where my children will be attending class?

A: Members of Mobile County Public Schools’ Facilities Department are currently renovating Williamson High School to accommodate and separate the Middle Grades Preparatory Academy. The school will host an Open House in August. We will let parents know when that meeting will be held.



Q: Will bus transportation be provided?

A: Students living 2 miles or more from Williamson High School will be able to ride a bus to and from school. Transportation officials are currently reworking the routes and will post them soon HERE.



Q: Will breakfast be served?

A: Yes. All Mobile County Public Schools serve breakfast free of charge. Details are still being worked out on timing, but students in grades 9-12 will be able to eat breakfast separately from the students in grades 6-8.



Q: Will lunch be free again this year?

A: Yes. All Mobile County Public Schools serve lunch free of charge. Students in grades 6-8 will eat during a separate lunch wave from students in grades 9-12.



Q: Who will lead the school?

A: Mr. Jeffrey Tolbert will remain principal of Williamson High School. Mr. Kirven Lang will be principal of the Middle Grades Preparatory Academy. Read about them HERE.


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