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Greetings to all!  I am Mrs. E. West.  Currently, I teach US Gov't, Economics, and Career Preparedness.  I also serve as the Social Studies Department Chair.  I am a graduate of Alabama State University. 


1998-2001-Wetumpka Junior High School, 7th grade; World History, Civics, Geography 

2001-2002- J.E.B. Stuart Middle School, 7th grade; Science, Geography 

2003-2004, San Diego 6-6 Program/Bayview Church Charities

2004-2005-Ben C. Rain High School 11th-12th grade; AHSGE Remediation-Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies

2005-2008-John L. LeFlore High School, 9th-12th grades; World History, US History-1900, US History 1900-The Present, US Government, Economics

2008-Present-Lillie B. Williamson High School, 9th-12th grades; World History, US History-1900, US History 1900-The Present, US Government, Economics, Academic Skills, Career Preparedness 

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