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Graduated from University of South Alabama with a BA in  Psychology and later obtained and teaching certification in Physical Education.


I have been teaching since 1996. I have also had experience coaching volleyball, girls'  basketball, and girls' track and field.


Physical Education

Mrs. Sonya Kaye Lewis Levens is a native Mobilian and a graduate of John S. Shaw High School. She is a graduate of the University of South Alabama where she received her BA in Psychology. In 1996, Mrs. Levens returned to USA and completed her teaching certification in Physical Education.

From 1996 to present, Mrs. Levens has worked as a Physical Education teacher at Mae Eanes Middle School. During her teaching career she has coached volleyball, girls' basketball, and girls' track and field.

Mrs. Levens is the daughter of Tony and Gloria Lewis. She has been married to Daniel Levens since 1990. She is the proud mother to Joshua Levens and Brandy Levens.

Mrs. Levens is a member of Forrest Hill Church of God and a soloist in the choir.

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