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Due Date: 10/4/2013


8th Grade 1st Quarter CRT Study Guide 06-07

Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 16


Chapter 1


  1. historian                      2. artisan                                 3. bronze

4. Ice Age                       5. caravan                               6. archaeologist         

7. domesticate                  8. ziggurat                              9. cuneiform              

10. artifact                         11. nomad                               12. irrigation

13. hereditary                    14.scribe                                  15. province

16. epic                              17. specialization                     18. era

19. anthropologist             20. fossil                                  21. Neolithic

22. Stone Age                   23. city-state                           24. Paleolithic

25. civilization                   26. astronomer


Chapter 1


1. What does B.C. E. and C. E. stand for?

2. What does A. D. and B. C. stand for?

3. Why was fire important to Paleolithic people?

4. What was the most important technology used by Paleolithic people?

5. What revolutionary change brought about the Neolithic Age?

6. What wereJerichoand Catal Huyuk?

7. Why did the first civilizations arise in river valleys?

8. Describe the climate ofMesopotamia.

9.  What did the Sumerians use for a building material?

10. Why did the Sumerians develop a calendar?

11. What rights did women have inSumer?

11. What doesMesopotamiamean?

12. What are Sumerian inventions?

13. In ancient times, who were the members of the upper class and the middle class?

14. The first kings might have originally been _______________.

15. What were some ways ideas were spread around the world?

16. Where wasBabylonlocated?

17. What city was the center of the Chaldean empire?

18. Who was Sargon?

19. What were the “HangingGardens”?

20. What was a legal code that covered most areas of daily life during the Babylonian


21. What was an important technology that the Assyrians learned from the Hittites?

22. Who contributed the seven-day week to our modern day calendar?

23. Where is the “cradle of civilization” located?







Chapter 2


  1. tribute                                      2. The Book of the Dead                    3. mummy

4.   dynasty                                   5. embalming                                      6. cataract

7. hieroglyphics                           8. papyrus                                           9. delta

10. deity                                        11. pharaoh                                         12. incense


   Chapter 2


  1. Where did the Egyptian civilization arise?
  2. CompareMesopotamiaandEgypt?
  3. What major crops were grown by the Egyptians and what did they trade for those crops?
  4. What is the land around theNileRiverdelta called?
  5. What accounted forEgypt’s fertile soil and their success as farmers?
  6. What is the longest river in the world?
  7. How could the flooding of theNileRiverbe described?
  8. What protected the Egyptians in the south?
  9. How did the Egyptians use the rooftops of their homes?
  10. Who was the chief god of the Egyptians?
  11. Why were the Egyptians willing to obey their all powerful leader?
  12. What form of government emerged inEgyptin 3100 B.C.?
  13. What important structure was built for the pharaoh Khufu?
  14. Who was Tutankhamen?
  15. What contributions did Rames II make during theNew Kingdom?
  16. What two important contributions were made by Queen Hatshepsut?
  17. Who was Ahmose?
  18. Who was Amenhotep?
  19. What was the major cause of the fall of the Egyptian empire?
  20. Where were the Nubians from?
  21. What did the Kushite traders trade for cotton and textiles?
  22. Where is present day location ofSudan?
  23. Why wasNapataa favorable location for trade?
  24. Describe conditions during theOld Kingdom?















Chapter 3


  1. monotheism                             2. Torah                                 3. covenant
  1. prophet                                    5. empire                               6. proverb
  1. exile                                         8.  synagogue                         9. messiah
  1. rabbi                                        11. Judaism                             12. kosher



Chapter 3


  1. Who was Abraham?
  2. How was Moses important to the Israelites?
  3. Where did Moses receive the Ten Commandments?
  4. What river passes through thekingdomofIsrael?
  5. Which people created the alphabet?
  6. How long did it take the Israelites to reach the Promised Land?
  7. Who was the warrior-farmer that was anointed by Samuel to rule the Israelites?
  8. What was King David was best known for what?
  9. How did King Solomon finance his great buildings?
  10. What caused the fall ofIsraeland the scattering of the ten tribes?
  11. Who defeated the Persians and became the ruler ofJudah?
  12. Who ended the rule of the Chaldeans inBabylon?
  13. Who was Nebuchadnezzar?
  14. Who was Daniel?
  15. What types of meat are Jews allowed to eat?
  16. Where did the Jews live during their exile?
  17. Which group of Jews revolted against the Romans?
  18. What does the “rule of law” mean?
  19. Who was the grandson of Abraham and raised 12 sons in Caanan, which divided    

into the tribes ofIsrael?


Chapter 16


  1. glacier                          2. monopoly                           3. adobe

4. confederation              5. conquistador                      6. treason

7. hunters-gatherers         8. quipa



  1. How did humans come from Asia toNorth America?
  2. Who were the Moche people?
  3. Why did the people ofNorth Americabuild complex cultures?
  4. Describe the dwellings of the Anasazi.
  5. Describe the culture of the Mississippians.
  6. Name and describe which American culture developed in present-dayAlaska?
  7. What was the Iroquois League?
  8. What technology was used to survive in the dry deserts of the southwest?
  9. What did the Mayans do with their captives from war?
  10. Where was the Mayan civilization?
  11. What happened to the Mayan civilization?
  12. What was the Mayan form of government?
  13. What did the Aztec do with their enemies?
  14. Where did the Aztecs build their city?
  15. Who conquered the Aztecs and how were they defeated?
  16. Why was Cortes not attacked by the Aztec leader Montezuma when he first arrived?
  17. How could commoners in the Aztec society move into the noble class?
  18. What two diseases did the Spanish bring to the Native Americans?
  19. What attracted Franciso Pizarro toSouth America?
  20. How did Pizarro conquer the Incas?
  21. Pachacuti established what type of government among the Incan people?
  22. When and why did Christopher Columbus sail toAmerica?
  23. Be able to locate the Aztec, Maya, Inca, Inuits, Creek, and Cherokee tribes on a map.


Note to teachers: CRT may contain charts, graphs, timelines, readings and maps. Students should be able to interpret information from each. Please note additional information in definitions.























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